Is Technology Taking Control of Your Life?

With the advent of technological advances in the entertainment industry, we have at our fingertips a world of infinite possibilities. Gaming, Music, Television are three astounding examples of the phenomenal developments we have witnessed in these last few decades. Thanks to the tireless efforts of those who dared to turn their visions into reality, we find ourselves engaging with devices and gadgets that we first encountered from the science fiction of yesteryears. Yet, as we find ourselves faced with an ever increasing amount of activities to choose from, it is too bad that we do not find a similar abundance in the time we have available to us. On that note, we must take care to maintain a sense of balance in our engagement with entertainment.

At present, the world of gaming has made some impressive evolutions since the days of board games and outdoor activities. A wide diversity of immersive environments and storylines are ready to welcome any players in accordance to their own unique preferences of creativity and difficulty. Offering more opportunities and fewer obstacles than real life, it is little wonder why many games enjoy more appeal than the routine nature of day to day life. However, one must keep perspective especially when playing upon that line which divides fiction and reality. It is all too easy to embrace escapism through video games when the problems in game are much more interesting and much less serious than problems in real life. Yet, if one neglects to deal with the challenges that life delivers, one cannot grow.

Another avenue of entertainment that has grown considerably over these past few decades is the television. Not only have production budgets increased to provide better computer graphic effects and diversity in programs but availability has been taken up a notch to an unprecedented realm. So called “On-Demand” services are now the norm amongst contending broadcasting stations. Where the restrictions of a living room location and a static program schedule would have acted as a firm border between entertainment and real life in the past, such a border has now been rendered obsolete. Handheld devices connected through WiFi to the Internet means instant access anywhere at anytime. The growing availability of program contents online has contributed to an excess of entertainment opportunities. The only problem is that there is more to watch than can possibly be done within the twenty-four hours that each of us has available to us each day.

On the note of the Internet, an additional concern can be discerned in its impact upon our personal lives. The intrapersonal dimension of thoughtful solitude is much more difficult to maintain in this day and age. Wherever we go, we can be reached through the use of cell phones or computers. Social media has brought the details of our lives into the open where compromises to privacy have proven particularly distressing. Particularly amongst young people, the accessibility available to converse with peers around the clock has resulted in a chronic lack of sleep which negatively impacts their ability to perform in school or at work. While the Internet has brought about countless benefits, it is important to understand its nature as a double edged sword.

There are many things that technology has brought us and we can happily anticipate the many additional benefits that await us in the tomorrows to come. Games, television or the Internet bring us all kinds of benefits but these do not come without a cost. We pay with our finite time for infinite entertainment and many of us are beginning to see the problems of perpetuating such an exchange. If you are finding that you need to reorient and to re-evaluate your strategy, why not consider taking some action? Many have found the benefits of a tech-detox to have been helpful in clearing their minds.

Tech Gadgets – Our World of Technology

Ever wondered how the world would be without technology? Without the state of the art transportation, futuristic computers and high-tech mobile phones, our world would just seem like a barren desert. Technology plays an important role in modernization, also in enhancing and helping us to stay in a safer and more comfortable environment. In view of this, there are various gadgets out there that practically make life easier to go through especially if you’re someone who believes that technology is essential in one’s life.

Some of the most innovative ideas that have contributed to various tech gadgets have been a must have for some individuals, especially for the younger generation and one such example would be Wi-Fi and touch screen enabled mobile phones. Information has been vital in today’s society, where information is what runs the world today in terms of economy and also modernization. In view of this, mobile phones with internet capabilities on the go have brought upon a whole new dimension in obtaining information where one has access to the World Wide Web at the tip of his fingers. Besides that, touch screen enabled mobile phones have taken over the world by storm replacing the traditional keypad system and making mobile phones seem like a fashion accessory nowadays. These gadgets have intrigued and brought up the interest of individuals of all ages especially with the likes of Apple and Nokia which have revolutionized the industry.

Besides that, the gaming world has also been on the verge of a major facelift, where gaming consoles today have provided the gamer to be a part of the gaming world without the need of joysticks and other handheld control systems. These tech gadgets not only allow the user to use the motion of his body to control what he does in the game but it also provides them the opportunity to exercise at the same time. Games that involve athletics and tennis on these consoles have made a whole new experience for gaming and at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle for those who do not wish to go outdoors.

Life has been a joy to go through and in conclusion, with these gadgets available, it would certainly be a wonder to experience them. Technology has revolutionized the environment around us and provided the opportunity to make the world a better place to live in.

Importance of 3D Technology in Gaming

3D games are now gaining prominence as more developers turn to the technology. The first 3 dimension technology was introduced in 1987 and today the technology has improved and is no longer confined to computer games. The technology has improved since then, while the cost has decreased tremendously. Today, computers have become less expensive and more powerful. As a result they are supported well to handle 3D. 3D technology has brought such a revolution in our lives. 3D gaming is no doubt the next big thing. If you look around you will discover its popularity. The benefits of 3D technology in gaming are:

Depth of vision

One of the benefits of 3D gaming is the depth of field. It provides an extended vision for games, offering an easy and clear focus. This is particularly good when you have a 2D platform game or a title with a distinct, strong graphical style. The 3D nature is an image our eyes are more used to. Considering we are 3 dimensional beings, we stand a better chance of determining the difference between the foreground and background. Therefore, it makes understanding what we are looking at much easier. The graphics become more refined. Such a display continues to get better making the effects and power of computing only better.


3D gaming also offers the added benefit of immersion. This is in light with the struggles games have had in trying to attain a sense of immersion. When players know they are playing a game, while being acutely aware, the experience is often greatly lessened. The technology offers something that is slightly more realistic. At least there are fewer boundaries on where the screen comes to an end, making the reality to sink in. Furthermore, most of this enables developers to become more creative. In the former days of gaming, 2D layers and parallax scrolling were applied for purposes of creating a 3 dimensional illusion. But today with 3D technology in use, there is no need to engage in such trickery.

Applied benefits

Additional benefits are often introduced when you combine the depth of vision and immersion. One of the biggest noticeable aspects is the game play that these two aspects introduce. Imagine 3D racing games or puzzles. The depth often gives the added depth to play with. The 3D visuals, on the other hand, grant lots of room to be creative. It also helps to obtain better intuitive responses.