Top VR Games for Your Android Phone

VR or virtual reality is the new innovation by the tech world that has become an integral part of almost all sorts of games online. Virtual reality is a three dimensional environment that would render live and interactive experience to the gamer. There games are being designed to enhance the quality of the games and to give an awesome gaming experience to the gamer. The more innovative and user-friendly versions of these VR games are coming up in these days that are compatible enough even on smart phones.

Latest VR games would allow you to play the game on multiple devices with a single gamer name. You can play while commuting also by using your android phones. The latest versions of VR games are designed in such a way that they would render the same experience as a pc, laptop or a play station. Now as we know what is a VR game is all about let’s look at few latest VR games designed for android phones,

• Mekorama VR – A puzzle game where you have to guide a small robot through various levels. At the beginning it’s quite simple because there will be few stones to be moved but the difficulty increases from one level to the next. In this game you use the controller to move the stones and show the robot the way to move up.

• Hunters Gate: A game for action lovers – You will become a savior of the world when the world has been attacked by demons and you have to keep them back. This is a fun-filled and graphically impressive game. This is a famous rolling game whose elements make you stronger over time and will teach you new skills. For playing this game you must use daydream controllers, and these controllers help you in keeping track of what’s happening from above, which reduces your too much interaction with the virtual movement.

• Need for Speed: A VR game for admirers of speed, the game enhances the sensation of speed by Virtual Reality and is probably the best racing game for Daydream-capable smart phones. An exciting ride is guaranteed because of its impeccable graphics and breakneck-pace. Besides that the choice of customization and car tuning made this game more enchanting and exciting.

• Gun jack 2: End of Shift – A game where you will be sitting on cannon on our solar system and fend off the attackers who are desperate to steal the minerals from our planet. You will be having immense arsenal weapons and can control everything with your gaze.

Dell Inspiron 22 3000 Review of an All-In-One PC With 21.5-Inch Display and Studio Quality Audio

Anybody shopping around for an all-in-one computer should look into what Dell has to offer. Available with a touchscreen and non-touchscreen option, this AiO features a brilliant full high-definition IPS display. Users can set it up just about anywhere in the home or office thanks to its space-saving design. With its 4GB of memory and AMD integrated graphics, the Dell Inspiron 22 3000 is capable of streaming some types of multimedia and multi-tasking.

There are 2 SODIMM slots, which means the memory can go all the way up to 16GB (1600-MHz DDR3L). As mentioned above, there are two options for the display: 21.5-inch FHD+ non-touch and 21.5-inch FHD+ touch, both of which have a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. The dimensions are 11.50-in.(height) x 19.60-in. (width) x 21.5-in (diagonal). Brightness can be controlled via the control button, and the refresh rate is 60Hz.

The PC comes with numerous ports and connectors, including two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out, headset port, audio line-out, RJ45 port (Network One), and an internal M.2 card and slot for Bluetooth/WLAN combo. It supports an external display if the 21.5-inch FHD+ isn’t enough.

What else does the Dell Inspiron 22 3000 come with?

• AMD Processor (A8, A6, or E2)

• Two speakers (3W average / 3.5W peak)

• Realtek ALC 3661 Waves MaxxAudio Pro audio controller

• SATA 3 Gbps for the optical drive

• SATA 6 Gbps for the hard drive

• 500 GB 2.5-inch hard drive (5400 RPM) with non-touch version and 1TB hard drive with touch version

• 4-in-1 media card reader with support for SDHC (high capacity), SDXC (extended capacity), MMC, and SD.

For those on a budget, the 3000 can be configured with 6th generation Intel Core i3 processor.

Design and Look of the Dell Inspiron 22 3000

The design of this all-in-one can be described as nice and sleek. There are options for either a silver or black bezel. The silver pedestal stand is easy to setup, and the AiO comes with a single cord. There is no need for additional cords with the wireless mouse and keyboard configuration.

The PC is geared towards general use by students and home office workers. It’s reliable and fast for any task that is not related to content creation or intense gaming. It can handle some games, but isn’t intended to be used as a gaming PC.

The Dell Inspiron 22 3000 is also a great choice for family entertainment. It can be mounted high for the entire family to watch and the display angle can be adjusted. It also offers high-quality audio thanks to features like Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

Are you looking for computer promo codes? Dell routinely offers special savings events and discounts on its PCs and electronics. Whether you’re a student, association member, government employee, or ordinary consumer, you should be able to find a Dell Inspiron 22 3000 coupon that will help you.

How to Install the Neo Geo Emulator the Right Way

Do you like video games? Almost everyone does (even those people who say they don’t but secretly wish they could play them anyway.) And the current craze in video games exists in the area of handheld gaming, which may explain why Sony Inc. has created the PSP mini or handheld gaming system. All PSP units are based on the Universal Media Disc proprietary technology exclusively owned by Sony Inc.

With the PSP and handeld gaming growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, it is not surprising that emulators would be created. An emulator, for those who don’t know, is a hardware or software product that can imitate one system’s functionalities when the emulator is installed into another completely different system. Thus, emulators can come in the form of software which will be run on PCs so that a new software application can be run on such machines; or in the form of hardware which has firmware integrated into it. This hardware’s firmware would be responsible for telling your PC how to function once specific game software has been downloaded into that PC.

A free emulator software that has been going around is the Neo Geo Emulator. This emulator, which is now popularly installed in many PSPs, aims to permit end-users to play games which were popularized in the late 1990s in Japan and are based on the Neo Geo Game console. Obviously, Sony Inc. does not officially allow the Neo Geo Emulator to be installed on its PSPs, but that doesn’t prevent people from downloading the emulator software into their PSP units free of charge anyway.

It should be explained that Neo Geo Emulators don’t come in one version only. One source on the Internet recommends this version – MVSPSP 2.0.6 – and explains how to install it properly. See below details for the installation process:

* To install the MVSPSP 2.0.6, you need to copy the MVSPSP folder into the GAME folder so that you can proceed to run the program in 1.50 kernel. If you can secure some roms for yourself, look for the other folder dubbed romcnv. The romcnv folder has an exe inside that can change your roms into a cache file. This cache file is necessary (just like the roms zip file) for use on the PSP phat due to its low memory.

* After that, you have to create one folder labelled ROMS and another one labeled CACHE within the MVSPSP folder. In addition, you require the that functions as the console’s bios – this permits you to run the Neo Geo games.

* Once done, set it in the ROMS folder. You don’t need to create a cache of that info though.

The Neo Geo emulator described here can play Metal Slug 1, Samurai Showdown, and King of the Monsters with 100% precision and functionality too. This source also disclosed that one can now get the MVSPSP 2.2.0 (applicable for the PSP version named PSP Slim) which does not need use of cache files since the PSP Slim has a doubled memory spanning 64mb.