Review of the Panasonic TX-P50V10

The Panasonic TX-P50V10 is another product that uses plasma engineering to produce a very sound plasma TV. The company has been a pioneering plasma tech for its own products. Panasonic has been investing significant resources in this, and has said it will continue doing so for the coming next 20 years. This is a 49.9″x 50″ HDTV.

There are many features to cover with the Panasonic TX-P50V10. We will examine only some of its basic specifications, though the product has many to offer. The good thing in this unit is, it has been certified with THX, which is a common name in the movie standards. It is like when you visit a Big screen cinema, the sound effects that you hear are what they call THX.

With the new Panasonic HDTV, you could now savor the best inside your home with THX built in to the television.

This is a cool unit; one thing that you’re going to love is its ability to be connected to the internet. Yes! That true, it has a LAN port just like connecting your PC using a router. It makes use of what they call the Viera Technology. The series of ports you need either for gaming, PC, for your audio system and for another television display an auxiliary staff, it has all of it. You can even divide that screen while playing video games and while watching news at the same time. It has a SD slot, which will be able you to play some MP3 and other video formats.

Another thing that makes the Panasonic TX-P50V10 HDTV a best selling product is it capacity to reduce ambient glare. This makes use of a reducing element to minimize the acceptance of light from an external source to cover the image lightness of the screen, hindering the viewer’s capability to recognize the scene. With the aid of filters, you could now enjoy watching a crystal clear picture with sharp images without being affected by the surrounding light.

It also incorporates a 3D HD sound which enhances real 3D audio dynamic experience while maintaining the quality of the real sound. You could also find more tweaks to the sound system of the televisions. It also has a Viera connection which able the users to link AV’s. It is like connecting your HD camera directly to the television enabling you to watch video and pictures with your family and friends.

What is more than an eco friendly product? Will this is it?! A television that lets you talk and speak about green technology. What’s more, The TV is really green technology as it uses and consumes minimal power. These are the figures, 500-590W average consumption, 0. 19-0. 2W on a standby mode, and during power mode (blue light) is only at 269 watts.

Lastly, the Panasonic TX-P50V10 is a big television which has many utilities and features. With this exceptional built-in device anchored it is no wonder that this product costs a a bit more – but it does offer a lot.